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Little Mage Lost



November 12th, 2006

(no subject)

Over the past few days I have been concentrating on learning my new skills and abilities.
I have to say that the ability to literally cast fire from my finger tips and throw it at enemies still amazes me.

Gaillor receieved payment from ikitten for services rendered - even though all we did was talk. I am not sure how to take this, do I owe ikitten something?

Speaking of Gaillor, it seems as if the hold that he has had over my life is coming to an end. In a drunken stupor he sent me a letter and in that letter he said three important words - scourge, forsaken and mages. Am i to take this to mean that somehow my family was affected by the scourge, and are not really dead but instead merely forsaken? But what of the mages part? I know that I was an oddity in my small village - was the rest of my family?

I need to become stronger before i can continue further on my quest.

I spoke to an experience rogue the other day who said that the only experiences he has had with the forsaken have been at the ends of his blades; to quote him "it seems to be the only form of communication they seem to understand". I can not believe that, what if my parents are forsaken? Am i to merely kill them because of the hatred towards all horde?

November 8th, 2006

(no subject)

Gaillor never ceases to surprise me.
He contacted ikitten, and offered my services as a whore no less - how does he think that he can sell me when he does not own me?

However, I do believe that his may have possibilities, if I can convince ikitten to give me part of the funds he is going to pay Gaillor then I maybe able to save up enough to make a life for myself when I do leave - however i am wary, what does ikitten require of me then? he says nothing that I am not willing to give.

I am drawn to him, like i am drawn to no other. But I can not be swayed from my pursuit of the forsaken.

I tried to continue on my many tasks in Westfall, but my i was continually distracted by thoughts of ikitten.
I need to distance myself, i can not be distracted from my quest to find my family.......

November 7th, 2006

(no subject)

What is it with men? And their desire to try to save me.
Do they not understand that this is my problem and I will have to get out of it myself?

Yes Gaillor is an ass; but he wasn't always this way. I remember my childhood was fairly happy though I always wondered where my parents disappeared to. I don't remember much to be honest, I do remember that it was a hot day, and a fire was sweeping through the area, the sky was black with smoke; i could barely see the sun.

Gaillor found me in the ruins that was my home, he says that I was a small waif like thing; blackened by soot, smoke and dust the only clean part of me was the trail of tears that fell down my face.

We have since moved from Dustwallow Marsh and are now located in Stormwind; it is a huge clean city.
At first I was extremely intimidated by it. Hundreds of people running around talking, yelling, riding their mounts and flashing their big bold weapons. Gaillor has found work in the Dwarven district working with the Dwarves as a blacksmith; he is happy their amongst their coarse talk and drinking.

The years have changed Gaillor, where once he had been a caring adoptive father he has instead become a taskmaster who demands perfection in all the tasks he gives me. He says that it is my fault that we had to leave our home in Dustwallow; apparently my kind are an oddity and people were beginning to become frightened at my ability to wield fire, ice and the arcane. I do not understand why there are others like me in the area; but apparently I am stranger than they.

I know view Gaillor as my master, no longer my rescuer. And whilst he technically has no hold over me; he holds some kind of information regarding my family. I stay hoping that one day he will tell me in either a fit of remorse or in a drunken stupor. However, by staying with him, I am bound to follow the rules he lays out; and if I don't he always finds out.....always.

Yesterday I found out....that nothing is hidden from him - not even my most intimate moments. It is as if he has spies that live in the trees.

I had surpassed my basic training with ease and was commanded to go to Westfall and slay the defias; a band of workers who feel that they have been wronged by the Stormwind nobility. As I was killing them, a kind druid that I had talked to briefly the day earlier, called out to me. I will not give his full name I will just call him iKitten - we had flirted the day before; he had evoked feelings within me that I had previously thought were buried. We went for a swim in one of the ponds in westfall - i loved running my hands through his smooth coat.

The day was marred when I returned home and showed Gaillor the items that I had received; I was greeted at the door with a hand coming towards me. He slapped me across my face, my eyes brimmed with tears but I refused to let them spill over my cheeks. He forbade me to ever see or talk to ikitten again. I do not know how he knew, there were not many others around us we were alone as far as I could see.

I honestly do not care, Gaillor may find out that I talk to him, but he can not deprive me of these feelings, nor can he deprive me of ikitten's friendship. I will not be denied this; I know that ikitten can help me in some how - he has already offered to help me be free and has difficulty understanding my desire to gain my freedom myself.

I have been fortunate in that I have also befriended a warrior, who seems bent upon revenge - however our paths lead to the same place - trisfill glade - he longs to slay the forsaken; i want to try to communicate with them.
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